Richard Bovell

About Richard Bovell

Richard Bovell is an Information-Knowledge Theorist. He was previously a computer scientist and is a trained biochemist. For 18 years, he has pursued higher levels of scientific, mathematical, and philosophical knowledge alongside his computer science work, seeking answers to fundamental questions about the nature of things. Since 2018, Bovell has devoted himself entirely to this latter pursuit, as he develops a theory of proper everything that subsumes not merely the fundamental forces, but all facets of reality—including quantum theory, the computational realm of our universe, biological and artificial intelligence, consciousness, evolution, and the universe’s instructional information.

In his quest to illuminate some of nature’s most enduring mysteries, Bovell has embarked on a relentless pursuit of knowledge through the intricate complexities of Information-Knowledge Theory (IKT). IKT demands a synthesis of deep understanding from a panorama of disciplines, including evolutionary and cognitive psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, genetics, evolution, biochemistry, human cumulative knowledge, the development of the mind, philosophy, physics, computer science, quantum theories, information theory, and mathematics. A detailed definition of IKT follows.

Information-Knowledge Theory is a multidisciplinary system of inquiry devised by Bovell to investigate fundamental naturalistic questions and address elusive humanistic challenges. Specifically, IKT offers theoretical frameworks, actionable blueprints, and experiment designs—all dedicated to exploring the unanswered questions about the nature of reality and toward creating a more enlightened, beautiful humanity.

IKT also serves as a bridge between science and metaphysics, striving to answer questions that philosophers have posed and that science has been unable to resolve. Among other strategies, IKT presents a framework that critically examines discrepancies in human knowledge—including both well-established hypotheses and theories—that are based on shaky evidence and contrived justifications, to the extent that they impede human intellectual development and scientific progress.

IKT will be deployed in IKT centers—which serve as intellectual, inspirational, social, and research hubs—all across the globe. The principal goal of IKT is to accelerate the progress of the human mind towards a more enlightened, beautiful society.

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