Richard Bovell

Richard Bovell’s Writing and Grammar Books

To enhance his writing beyond formulaic rigidity and academic orthodoxy, about 10 years ago, Richard Bovell studied scores of English-language grammar and writing books published over the last three centuries. He also analyzed the techniques of master prose stylists, including Cicero, MLK Jr., Voltaire, Winston Churchill, Edward Gibbon, Thomas Macaulay, and many others.

Bovell gained so much insight into grammar and writing that he wrote two books on the subject—one on rules and the other on style and eloquence. He originally wrote the books for his own edification, but later made them available to help others improve their grammar and writing. But with limited time to focus on them, Bovell never formally published the books; though, he did offer them for sale at some point in the past. You can access them online at this link:

He hopes to publish both books after he finds time to update them, sometime after 2025.