Richard Bovell

About Bov Academy of Programming

Richard Bovell founded Bov Academy of Programming, an online coding academy, in 2015 to realize three highly ambitious goals:

  1. The first goal was to train students to become elite software engineers as they simultaneously create prodigious real-world projects. These projects were aimed at solving real technical, economic, and social challenges, while also designed to generate lasting wealth for the students who developed them, through an innovative process called Simultaneity. Each project was innovative and comprehensive in its design, technical implementation, and goals.
  2. The second goal was to create the Enlightened Web, the most accurate search engine, and Eli, an AI assistant that was to integrate with the search engine. Codenamed Enlightenment, the Eli/Enlightened Web project was to usher in a period of transformative benefits for our societies—toward a more enlightened, advanced, and beautiful humanity. For more on this, see Bovell’s forthcoming book.
  3. The final goal was to bring to reality dozens of innovative technologies and programs that Bovell devised to help advance humanity technologically, socially, economically, and intellectually. These were the real-world projects students build as part of their practical studies.

After three years in operation, Bov Academy failed to secure investment and was forced to close. Yet, it remained open for students to continue their education for as long as they needed; it eventually closed to all students in 2020 after more than 99% of the remaining students stopped using the platform. See this link:


Message from Richard Bovell for all Former Bov Academy Students

As many of you know, I passionately believe in providing free education at every level. I consider free education a necessary and advantageous investment that every country ought to undertake for its citizens and residents. As such, I never wanted students to pay tuition to attend Bov Academy, a desire I shared with many students when the academy was in operation. To help fulfill my vision for free education, I provided fully paid scholarships to nearly 15% of the students, even though the academy was never funded to cover these tuitions.

I created Bov Academy as a for-profit institution only because I couldn’t secure investment to get the school started and was forced to bootstrap it myself and thus charge a tuition. Nevertheless, I have regretted charging students to attend the academy ever since its inception and even more so since its closure. In fact, I am eager to refund every student their tuition as soon as I am able to do so, and I would be most happy and relived to accomplish this longing desire.